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26 August 2015

View Tweets on Google’s Desktop Search Results

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

An impressive step towards strengthening the working relationship between Google Inc. and Twitter!

There is a good news for internet lovers. Google has taken a valuable step to make digital marketing more strong and competitive. Earlier this year, Google has placed tweets in its search results on mobile devices. This was an impressive step, taken to make a strong partnership between the two big names.

Continuing to strengthen this working relationship on search parameters, Google has decided to display tweets in desktop search results i.e. expanding the search results on mobiles devices to desktop systems. This means, search results on the desktops will now take into account “tweets”, as part of the ongoing association between the two business giants. After closely and successfully experimenting with the tweets on desktop search results, Google has made this attribute live for all English language searchers, worldwide.

In accordance with the expansion of the Twitter content, Tweets, on Google desktop search results, only relevant tweets will appear in search results for the queries, posted by the searchers in English. For this, the search term need not have to include the words “twitter” or “twitter hashtags”. If Google finds or thinks that a tweet is relevant to the search term, it will surface them anyway. Google’s access to tweets helps it to come-up with more real-time results, quicker and better.

Benefits of this Business Partnership

This important announcement from the Google is not only beneficial for marketers, but is also beneficial for investors, especially Twitter investors. This business partnership will help Twitter to get enhanced exposure to drive more traffic back to its service, in which it can serve ads. Accessibility of tweets on Google desktop search results also helps Twitter Inc. to boost-up the engagements levels, and to drive traffic to its app. Also, this partnership will result into fresh content and comments from search queries.

Addition of this feature is also beneficial for Google. Searching of the trending hashtags draws up tweets at the first place on the search results, while other searches place tweets in different places in search results. This makes Google to be more dynamic on its search functions; while Twitter gets more attention on tweets. Additionally, this partnership is a win-win situation for both the companies. It also allows the search engine giant, Google, to hit the micro-blogging site. Availability of tweets, related to the user’s searches, will significantly increase the probability of more people signing up to the micro- blogging platform and will help in advertising the service in an appropriate and engaging manner.