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23 November 2013

Tips and Tricks for Social Media Marketing

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Social media marketing plays a vital role in building and shaping your online presence. However, the right kind of strategy must be employed in order to ensure a brand voice that distinguishes you from the competitors.

Look down for some Tips & Tricks on how to Create and Sustain a solid relationship with your prospects on popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest & Google+ and the like.

  • Determine when to post: In order to maximize the lifespan of your posts, find out the best hours when your prospects are more likely to visit your page. To do so, pull up the Insights dashboard, click on the Posts tab, and choose “When Your Fans Are Online” as this will show you an average number of fans who saw your post in any given hour. Now your job is to share updates during the peak exposure time.
  • Use images to tell your story: let’s face it, people literary scan the content until and unless it is intriguing enough in grabbing the attention of your prospects. One simple way to boost your engagement is to use images to amplify your status update. Search for regular images and add text in form of questions or some interesting stuff, for the people to answer and like or comment.
  • Determine right time for tweeting: With so many of us are sharing our views on twitter platform, numbers of tweets get buried quickly. Thus it is important to make out when your prospects are more likely to visit your page and share their views through tweets. Fortunately, twitter in collaboration with great tools like Tweriod, allows to closely examining the activities of your followers. Once you tie your Twitter account to Tweriod, it runs an analysis and summarizes the strong hours of each day when the followers are more active. The report is delivered through email after the results are ready.
  • Use “your day” feature in LinkedIn:Sync your contacts and calendar with LinkedIn and the ‘Your Day’ feature will give you an opportunity to deeply communicate and engage with your network. This new feature will show you the information about your contacts whether they are having a birthday, have been promoted or are in a city you’re traveling to. It also shows off any reminders that you have set to get back in touch with the connection. Taking just a few minutes every day to review and congratulate your connections will have a big effect on your bottom line.
  • Measure click through rate: Business brands share content and links to various social platforms with a goal to have targeted customers click on their links. Thus click through rate is the primary source for measuring success. To track these clicks you need a URL shotner like ‘bitly’, which is a free URL shortener with a set of tools to create shortened links, share your links and measure the CTR on your links. On the Bitly stats dashboard, you get both aggregated and individual statistics about the links you share and get detailed information on its CTR, click sources, geographic distribution of clicks and more.

So, opt for a professional internet marketing company and gain that everlasting traffic to your website.

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  • I totally believe in the rising popularity of social networking sites. I myself has a small business and find your online marketing company very promising. Thanks for tips!

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