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03 December 2014

A Technology Driven Way to do Marketing

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Digital marketing is a hip and broad aspect of marketing that involves marketing through electronic or digital devices like smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device. In most popular ways, digital marketing can be termed as internet marketing, online marketing or web marketing. This medium of marketing has become more popular with the introduction of large number of digital devices in the market every now and then. It includes the application of advanced technologies and platforms like websites, emails, apps and social media for achieving growth and success. As a result of globalization and advancement in technology at a rapid rate, organizations are using digital channels and mediums to promote and advertise their products and services.

Digital marketing services include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), e-mail marketing, online advertising, affiliate marketing, and many more.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a way through which the visibility of a website can be increased in different search engines like Yahoo! and Google. It is usually done by either enhancing the ranking of a specific keyword or by raising the keywords volume. Some of the SEO techniques include on-site technical analysis, content creation, link-building and blogging.
  • E-Mail marketing– It is a traditional form of online marketing that includes database marketing like segmentation of customer data, delivery of personalized and targeted message at an appropriate time, email designing, etc.
  • SMO – Social Media Optimization is the use social media like RSS feeds, social news and booking sites and networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), to publicize and advertise products and services to increase awareness among people.
  • PPC – Pay Per Click, also termed as Cost Per Click, is an arrangement of managing paid advertisements. This internet advertising model is used to flow more traffic to websites. In this model, advertisers pay certain amount to the publishers every time when an ad is clicked.

In addition to above stated services, there are other services as well that are used in different ways to promote products/services. Out of these services and tools, it is necessary to select the best way to increase sales, decrease cost, gain market growth and optimize ROI. Moreover, a right digital marketing mix is also important to gain brand success, popularity and loyalty.

Digital marketing mix is similar to that of general marketing mix with an addition to the use of product, price, place and promotion in digital context. People and process are also included in this while marketing products/services using online tools. How effectively a business can use product, price, place, promotion, people and process, is pretty much dependent on how internet and online services are influencing a business.

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