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11 October 2014

Social Media Marketing Tactics for Business

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In a past few year, the world has witnessed the rise of online social media. Social Media is no longer a set of certain platforms where you can publish your content. It is one of the most powerful tool and strategy for business marketing and advertising. Businesses are now investing in social media marketing with a lot of zeal and hope. But, businesses still have a lot of doubts related to social media tactics.Following are some strategies for social media optimization:

Maximize Your Presence

Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly the most dominant social media platforms that are present today. Your presence on these two is important, but there many other platforms that are picking up fast like Google +, Instagram and Pinterest. It would be wise for any business to have its presence on all the major platforms to maximize its visibility.

Place Specific Content

The major mistake that businesses make is that they place the same content on all the platforms. The nature and purpose of different platforms are different. Users on these platforms expect unique content from each platform. Also, each social network focuses on a different demographic user group, therefore simply broadcasting a particular content doesn’t solve the real purpose.

Build Brand by Telling Stories

Social platforms are not meant for selling products.Your aim for social media marketing should be to engage the audience and increase traffic to your website and get conversions in the form of leads or purchases. You should try to tell stories by means of your content. People like reading interesting stories to know about your business and establish your brand value.

Share More Visual Content

Visual content is always more appealing to the social network users. With the increased speed of internet, now it takes very less time in the uploading of visual content. It is better to place pictures, videos, podcasts and slides on social media. There are many specific platforms for visual elements, for example Instagram and Pinterest is for pictures, YouTube is for videos and slide share is for presentations. All these platforms are now available on mobile devices, which makes it even more effective.

Place Interesting Stuffs

You can go viral on the social sites by placing very interesting stuffs like contests and prizes for the promotion of your business. You can reward your audience in some way to make a buzz in the network.

Educate Audiences

Putting educational content is also a strategy that many businesses incorporate. Blogs are a good way of educating your customer about the features, uses and benefits of your products and services. You as a business can show your expertise in the field and your confidence in your products and services.

Reward Audiences

It is important for you to reward your audience for contacting you through online social media platform. You can reward them in the form of discounts or free gifts. The purpose of such rewards is to get more repeat customers and gain more popularity by means of sharing and word of mouth.

Respond to All

You will get comments, feedbacks, inquiries and complaints on your social media and web pages. You should ask your social media optimization service provider to acknowledge them immediately. You should show gratitude towards your audience for spending time on your page.

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