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10 September 2014

Simple Tips for Online Lead Generation

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Leads are the starting point of a business. They keep the hope of a business alive.  In some cases of B2B, you know who are your target customers and you can approach them yourself. But, in most of the cases when it is not easy to identify and contact your potential customers, you can’t just wait and watch for customers to knock your doors.

But, if you know when someone is looking for buying a product or service that you offer, you have a direction to follow. Think about going to your office every morning and getting to see high potential fresh leads in front of you! Things cannot be better than this. Simple tools of online lead generation can make this possible and can help you in reaching out to your potential clients directly and pitch your products and services to them.

Internet has now become ubiquitous. Even if you are selling locally, your customers could be searching for you on the web. Following simple tips can help you in achieving what you want:

  1. Launch Page:  Even your website is not operational yet, you can create a ‘coming soon’ or ‘launching soon’ to start gathering online leads. You can use one of the many platforms available to create a “coming soon” page with subscription page and gather contact info of the leads before you have even started you website fully. This is a good way to create a buzz as well.
  2. Online Ads: If you have a running website, you can generate more leads by placing ads online. Some of the few popular options for placing your ads could be Google AdWord, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

  3. Landing Page:  With each displayed ads, you need to have great landing page. Landing pages are the main source of leads. You should ask your web developer to create an effective landing page.

  4. Email Subscriptions: Once you are ready with your first email campaign, you need to target time to right segment. To increase your email subscriptions, you need to design the subscription form to covert visitors into subscribers and customers. There are many online tools available that can be used for doing this or otherwise you can also hire an e-mail marketing company to do it for you.

  5. Call to actions:  Your blog, web pages, ads, and social media accounts are your assets; you should add calls- to- action links to these to increase your website traffic, subscriptions and conversions.

Above techniques can help you in generating good leads. But, it is your ability as a salesperson to convert the prospects into clients; it depends on the quality of your products and services and it depends on the confidence that you have in your product and services.

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