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31 October 2013

SEO and Social Media Alliance

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

SEO marketing and Social Media Marketing is no two separate businesses now days. Webmasters look down for more information on this!

Social media marketing have always been a curial part of SEO marketing and it’s playing an ever more important role in SEO these days. Without engaging in social media, SEO team cannot form a well-coordinated, comprehensive online marketing plan.

Traditionally, SEO players worked on the tactics like blog commenting, free directory submissions, article submission to generic article sites and several other low value tactics. The SEO and social media marketing company no longer works as they once did and are at greater risk of being flagged and penalized now.

  • Link building via social media: Link building is an important aspect in search engine optimization process. With the awake of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, the role of social media to foster relevant link connectivity has never been more important. The alignment of SEO marketing and social media has built the direct correlation between what happens in social media and what folks see in their search results.
  • SEO content and social media: Undoubtedly, for many business owners, the most effective vehicle to market the SEO content is via social media. Leveraging sites like YouTube, Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn and other community sites has become very critical from a content marketing standpoint. Writing content on relevant social sites can be a very effective link building tool.

The SEO and social media alignment allows your target customers to tell what websites they are frequent on and what content resonates with them the most when they are not on your website. This way the SEO team can plan out content marketing and position the meaningful content in front of the prospects wherever they happen to be online.

Aligning strategy and tactics:

SEO is no longer just about content, website designing and link building; it’s more about  building your business identity on several leading social networking sites and growing relationship with your prospects. Aligning SEO and social media efforts can help target your customers seamlessly and in fact boost your SEO performance, eventually maximizing your ROI. Make sure your SEO strategy includes best SEO practices and training such as keyword research support and linking recommendations on several social sites.

In a nutshell, the social media and SEO are interrelated and it’s almost impossible to have one without the other. The larger your social footprint, the more impact social media will have on your SEO efforts as it is the best way to directly reach out your customer base. Hence your online marketing techniques must use tried and ethical SEO strategies incorporating social media campaign.

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