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12 November 2014

Selecting a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Present statistics show that the total the mobile and smartphone users have outnumbered the number of desktop and notebook PC internet users. The current scenario suggests that the mobile marketing is going to be the next big thing in the field of marketing. Mobile marketing stands for any marketing and communications to the customers on a portable device like a smart phone or tablets, irrespective of their location.

There are a various possible ways when you choose mobile marketing.When you are deciding your mobile marketing strategy, you should consider a few points.

  • Where is your customer located? (Home, Office or Travelling)
  • What do your customers need? (Information, Location or Entertainment)
  • What devices do your customers have? (Smart phone, tab or desktop PC)

The answer to these questions will help you in formulating your strategy. Two main weapons of mobile marketing are mobile application, mobile website and responsive website. It is sometimes hard to decide the one out of two.

Responsive Web Design

A Responsive Website is the one which adjusts its view to reflect the width of the browser. Such sites are coded in a way to identify the environment of the user’s device and delivers the optimized view to the user. Advantage with a responsive website is that you do not need to manage different many things. If your purpose is to share just your content with the customers, you can build a website that has responsive design.

Mobile Application

A mobile application remains on the device and it doesn’t require internet access to open but, may need it for performing some tasks. Mobile applications should be able to perform on different platforms (android, iOS, Windows). Advantages with a mobile app is that the user can easily use it frequently. You can connect it with Google maps and allow customers to view your products and make purchases easily.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are made separately for mobile phones. A mobile website often takes the advantage of your smart phone capabilities like GPS to find out your current location and offer customers personalized information like the store closest to you.
If you are still not sure about a executing a mobile marketing strategy. You can hire a firm that provides mobile marketing services.

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