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30 August 2014

Risks, Rewards and Challenges of Social Media Marketing

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Like any other marketing media, purpose of Social Media in marketing is also to get the message reach out to the target market.  There are innumerable advantages of social media but, at the same time there are many challenges associated with the use of it. It is comparatively a new field for the businesses especially, those who have been doing marketing in traditional ways.

Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest are the main social media platforms available today that can be used for marketing. Facebook allows businesses to create a fan page for their organization or products for free, while Twitter is basically micro-blogging site which allows a person to publish a 140-character post that users can follow. Linkedin is a network of business professionals and has become a popular platform for business marketing these days. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool which can be used as a medium to share visually appealing pictures and ideas.

Apart from these platforms, there is You Tube which is a large store of video clips and podcasts having a viewership of millions around the world. Blogs are another medium for spreading news and educating audience. They are like online journals which are written by the users. Social bookmarking sites like Tumblr anf Digg enable users to add, share, edit bookmarks of web pages.


Following are some of the advantages of social media marketing:

  1. It is free to create profiles and post information. They charge you nothing for generating organic likes and shares.
  2. Audience voluntarily follows you because they want your information.
  3. You can filter your audience and target them.
  4. Pay-per-click ads are targeted to a specific and correct audience.
  5. The nature of social media is viral. Every single person reading your post can share it further within his network. So, the information gets spread in no time.
  6. Cost of social media marketing is nothing in comparison of the return it gives.

With great advantages comes the greater challenge. Challenge with social media lies in creating a piece of information for which is interesting for audience. Once you have decided to invest in it, you need to update your posts daily. Unlike traditional marketing media, it is not a onetime activity. Updating you social media account needs some efforts.  A person with knowledge of marketing communication can only handle it properly. Information that is posted is visible only for a small time before it gets replaced by newer information. Therefore, it is important that every post leaves some impact on the audience. Social media posts are not alike traditional ads. They must be created in an interesting way or there are chances that you will leave your followers.


Viral nature of the social media could be dangerous for your brand. A bad news gets viral as fast as good news does. It can do serious harm to you image. Keeping a check on the comments and reviews off customers is also very important. Many a times dissatisfied customers or employ can leave you a negative remark which cannot be controlled sometimes. One needs to remain vigilant about it.

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