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02 January 2015

Promote Products and Services through Smart Mobile Devices

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Mobile Marketing is marketing of products and services, using mobile devices. Businesses use mobile marketing in order to give customers an advantage of getting time and location based information regarding products and services. It is a marketing technique through which businesses can always stay connected with their customers. Using this technique, a business can send updated offers, push notifications, simple marketing message or can introduce new products to their audiences. SMS, MMS, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), QR codes and mobile applications are some of the tools of mobile marketing. Among these, app-based marketing is widely used by businesses now-a-days with the growing usage of smartphones. Mobile web marketing is also an important part of mobile marketing. A business can create web page advertisements that can be easily accessed on mobile devices, so as to promote and publicize their products and services.

Use of mobile marketing as marketing technique can benefit businesses in numerous ways.

  • Instantaneous results – Customers carry their mobile devices along with them all the time, so whenever a message is sent, they can respond to it immediately. Even if the device is switch off or in standby mode, the message can be received as soon as it turns on.
  • Easy and convenient tool – As the screen size of the smartphone or tablet is small (as compared to laptops or desktops), it becomes convenient for businesses to create content, keeping it very basic and easy to understand.
  • Cost-effective – As compared to other technical devices, taking out content from mobile devices, be it in the form of text, videos or images, is economical and effortless.
  • Easy to track customer responses – With the help of mobile marketing, responses and reactions of the customers can be tracked easily and promptly. This makes it beneficial for organizations to understand and analyze the behavior of customers in a better way.
  • Direct connectivity with customers–By way of marketing products/services through mobile devices, businesses can stay connected with more and more customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Higher response rate – Marketing through mobile devices gives high responses as compared to email marketing, resulting into higher return on investments.

In addition to these, there are several other benefits of using mobile marketing as one of the important marketing and advertising tools. These include sending notifications of discount offers and other special offers, brand awareness, microblogging benefits, easy mobile payments, to name a few.

Marketing Mindz offers mobile marketing services to let businesses flourish in the market. To provide this service, we use SMS marketing, push notifications, mobile web marketing, app based marketing, QR codes, and location based marketing tools.

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