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17 June 2015

Pinterest to Add “Buy it” Button to its Mobile App and Website

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Pinterest is a place where one can discover and save their creative ideas by uploading, sorting and managing images and other media content. The uploaded images and content are known as “Pins”, and the place where these images and content are uploaded is known as “Pinboards”. The website acts as a personalized media platform for millions of users, all around the world. Users can use this social media platform to save their individual pins, interact with others and create their own boards. Apart from pinning any image or content, using “Pin it” button, users also have the option to send a pin to other Pinterest users or email accounts via the “Send” button. Pinterest also allows users to repin the pins, added by other users. This means, a user can use the images uploaded or pin by other users on his board as well.

In addition to these usual features, Pinterest is going to add a new feature, which brings unique and creative ideas to life. This social media platform is going to launch “buyable pins” feature. By adding “buy it” button option to mobile app and website, Pinterest is going to make its first major e-commerce stand in the online market. The greatest advantage of this feature is that users can now purchase pins or the products, without leaving Pinterest’s website or mobile app. This “buy it” button will display just next to the “pin it” button, which comes into view when users are about to pin any image, media content or product.

As stated by the company, this “buy it” button will be first introduced on iPhone and iPad in US. It is a simple feature, which will make user experience more convenient, and will create a big difference for businesses. At present, if any Pinterest user wants to purchase any product or wants to know more about it in detail, he needs to click on the product image, which is directed on the original website or the brand website. The buyable pins feature will eliminate this lengthy process by allowing users to buy pins or products directly through Pinterest app or from the website, using a credit card or Apple Pay.

This new feature is highly beneficial for online retailers as well as for the users. From retailer’s point of view, these buyable pins will provide more valuable data on the users, who pin their products and those who buy them. This critical information works great for businesses, who use Pinterest as a social media marketing tool.

Moreover, this Pinterest’s “buy it” button will put forward a healthy competition with Google planning to introduce its own; thereby, creating a new Internet trend.

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