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13 May 2015

Pay Per Click: Quickest and the Most Controllable Way to Get Visitors for Business

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Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is the quickest, highly influential and the most controllable way to attract traffic for the business. This internet marketing technique is an effective means to bring your business website on top of the search engine results. This modern technique of marketing is used by businesses to generate more and more clicks on the ads by paying certain amount to the publisher. In a simplified and organized manner, PPC is the amount invested by an advertiser to get an advertisement clicked. This marketing technique is also commonly known as “Cost Per Click” advertising or “Banner Ads”.

Search engine marketing is the most popular forms of Pay Per Click, allowing marketers to bid on right keywords to get the best and the most appropriate results. Also, PPC marketing allows customers to access any ad at given point of time and from anywhere with internet accessibility. The main purpose to use this marketing technique is to assess the profitability and effectiveness of online marketing. Business websites that use this advertising model will display ads whenever a keyword query matches with the keyword list of the advertisers.

The basic formula for calculating Pay Per Click is:
Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads clicked (#)

Benefits of Pay Per Click
PPC or Cost Per Click marketing is beneficial for searchers, advertisers and for search engines. Also, it offers numerous benefits to businesses.

  • It generates business leads at an affordable cost.
  • It helps in designing and controlling ad campaigns.
  • With PPC, a business can target specific keywords.
  • It helps in attracting potential customers

Besides these, a unique benefit of PPC is that the highest-quality ads and the highest bidders are rewarded by Google. This means, the better your ads are, the greater your click-through rates, the lower your costs and the better your rewards.

Most Popular PPC Platform – Google AdWords
Google AdWords is well-liked and widely used PPC advertising system. It allows businesses to create unique ads that appear on Google search engine and its other properties. AdWords operates on the PPC platform, in which advertisers bid on keywords and pay for every ad that is being clicked. In addition, which ad needs to appear on which page and where, is entirely based on an advertiser’s Ad Rank, which is calculated by multiplying two important factors – CPC Bid and Quality Score.

Pay-Per-Click Models
There are two popular models of cost per click, which is used by advertisers: Flat-Rate Model and Bid-Based Model.

  • Flat-rate Model – In this advertising model, a fixed price is paid for each ad click, and the price is fixed on the consent of both the advertiser and the publisher. This flat-rate model is excessively used by comparison shopping portals.
  • Bid-based Model – In this model, the advertiser signs a contract, which allows him to compete effectively against other advertisers in a privately-owned auction. This private auction is hosted by an advertising network.

Pay Per Click Services offered by Marketing Mindz
Marketing Mindz, working as a Pay Per Click Management Company, allows businesses to grow and enhance their market by managing and advertising ads effectively. We manage different types of ad campaigns for our clients and also give them the advantage to choose their ad campaign type i.e. search network type, display network type or both. Also, as pay per click consultant, we provide consultation services to our clients to assist them in choosing keywords and ad placements.


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