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03 June 2015

Online Lead Generation: Interest Generation of Potential Customers for Sales Leads

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Today’s market scenario demands for high lead generation for a business to stay competitive, to get more sales and to get other favorable outcomes. In terms of marketing, lead generation can be defined as a technique for creating consumer’s interest in the products and services of a business. In the similar manner, online lead generation is an internet marketing term, which involves the generation of interest of prospective customers in a business’s offerings through the Internet. With the help of this internet marketing technique, a business can make strong and valuable contacts with customers that will bring-in more sales and other constructive outcomes. There are various sources through which a business can generate leads; for example, advertisements, digital means i.e. internet, telephone calls, events and programs, personal referrals, organic search engine results and through purchase list of existing customers.

Types of Leads
In the lead generation market, there are two types of leads that a business can create:

  1. Sales Leads: These leads are generated by considering demographic factors, such as income, age, psychographic, FICO score, etc. Also, they can be resold to numerous advertisers and are mostly commonly used in Insurance, Finance and Mortgage industries.
  2. Marketing Leads: These leads are brand-specific and are generated for a unique offer, presented by an advertiser. These cannot be resold.

5 Most Effective Online Lead Generation Techniques

  • Website Optimization: Website is the first point of contact between customers and business. It is the place where maximum sales transactions for a business will takes place. Therefore, effective website optimization is necessary to get more leads. For this, a business needs to provide highly targeted, customer-centric and unique content that will attract customers and help them in better decision making.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is perfect for lead generation, specifically through organic search results. Getting high ranking in search results means greater online visibility, which ultimately leads to high lead generation. Approx. 93% of the marketers use SEO, along with content marketing, as the primary tools for generating business leads.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: PPC advertising is the most feasible and high-quality tool for generating valuable leads. Using PPC, approx. 73% of the leads are generated through Google AdWords, approx. 55% through Bing Ads, and approx. 52% through Display Networks.
  • Social Media: In today’s time, the impact of social media is very high on business. Social media is the great source of generating high revenues and leads for a business. According to a research, it is evident that approx. 51% of the Facebook users and approx. 67% of the Twitter users like purchase recommendations from the brands, they are following.
  • Email Marketing: Emails are a good way to advertise and sale brands. As per an online marketing research, approx. 83% of the consumers will likely to purchase more, if they are getting valuable and good information about the brand, products and services through emails.

Online Lead Generation Services by Marketing Mindz

We at Marketing Mindz offers internet marketing lead generation service to help businesses get more leads and to make good contacts with customers. We use different lead generation techniques to provide this service. Also, our cost-effective lead generation service will help a business to get competitive advantage, build customer’s trust and achieve better return on investments.


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