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27 April 2015

New Mobile-friendly Update by Google

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

On April 21, 2015, Google has updated its algorithm to make it more mobile-friendly. So now, for Google, mobile-friendliness is a global factor to give ranking to the websites, though it is applicable to only some mobile devices or results. As per this new mobile-friendly update, now, it is necessary for a website to be responsive on mobile devices to get ranking in Google’s search results. Moreover, the new update in Google algorithm will

  • Influence and change only the search rankings on mobile handsets
  • Affect the search results in all languages that are used globally
  • Affect individual pages, not the whole website

Most of the core services of Google focus on adapting current demographic and technological trends; so, if a business has focus on these trends, its website will remain unaffected by algorithm changes and updates. In today’s time, on-page optimization (an SEO technique) principles i.e. to convey the message to the user that “This is the page you are looking for”, are usually neglected by the websites or the businesses. If a website works primarily to achieve this objective, it will be able to connect with the users in a more influential manner. Moreover, if a business will be able to understand the importance of on-page optimization principles and follow them, it will become more robust and least affected by such algorithm updates and changes. Similar to that of other updates from Google, this mobile update will also be directed towards improving the Google’s user experience.

According to Google, the decision of updating the algorithm and making it mobile-friendly will benefit businesses in making their website easily accessible to the target audiences through mobile devices. The current technological trend shows that the use of smartphones is increasing with a rapid and staggering rate; therefore, if a website is mobile-friendly, it will help businesses to connect with their target customers more effectively and conveniently. Though, customers or the users may get the most benefit if a website is mobile-friendly; but, some of the products or services are better searched, potentially purchased, reviewed, and evaluated with the help of a smartphone or tablet. Besides this, mobile-friendliness will benefit every website or business, if not directly by augmenting the sales, then by increasing the CTR (Click through Rates) at first point of contact. From this point of view, the mobile update in Google algorithm assists in highlighting the significance of user experience. In fact, it serves as a fruitful opportunity for online businesses to develop their mobile strategies.

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