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04 August 2015

Must to Know Things About Mobile Marketing

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Mobile is a must-to-have device for people of all age groups, now-a-days. The increasing use of mobiles, particularly the smartphone, is a reason why businesses are taking mobile marketing as an effective tool to promote and sale their products and services. In the form of smartphone or other digital devices like tablets and iPad, customers have a portable access medium with them all the time.

For a business, it is important to know how many potential customers are communicating with it through mobile devices. As a result, it can prioritize the mobile marketing strategy within the overall marketing plan. Also, there are certain other things that a business should know about mobile marketing, in order to achieve growth and get sales leads.

  • Website should be mobile-friendly: Your business website should be mobile-friendly. This means, it should provide the same online experience to the customers what they are experiencing on desktop. It simple terms, it can be said that a business needs to make its website responsive, so that the design will easily fit the small screen of the device, but the content will remain the same.
  • Mobile search: With smartphone or tablet in hand, people search for anything online on the mobile first. Google is the biggest player in mobile search; therefore, a business needs to find out ways to work well with it. For this, a business needs to focus on certain things:

1. If your business has a physical location, you need to focus on your local business listing on Google Places.
2. Pay attention towards making your website design responsive or dynamic.
3. Perform mobile search result advertising. If you are not doing AdWords advertising, incorporate it in your marketing plan.

  • Incorporate text message: Text messaging is one of the most powerful tools of mobile marketing. Use text message to reach out to your audiences in an easier manner. The best method to incorporate text along with online marketing is to get opt-ins for SMS text message list. Here are some text message ideas that a business can use for marketing.

1. Product release announcement
2. Discount offers
3. Mobile coupons
4. Reminders of webinars or other events

  • Use of mobile app: An organization needs to first analyze whether developing a mobile app will proved to be right for its business or not. The sole purpose of developing a mobile app is to provide customers something that they need frequently. Customers, usually, download an app only when they find they will use it on regular basis; otherwise, it will not be accessed or else deleted.