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25 February 2015

Mobile Marketing: A Smart Way to Advertise Products and Services

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Technology has given us a smart way to advertise and promote products/services, and it is Mobile Marketing. Through the use of mobile devices like smartphone and tablets, a business can market its products and services more effectively and influentially to large group of customers at the same time. In a simple and structured manner, one can define Mobile Marketing as the marketing through or with mobile device. It is an internet marketing technique through which businesses can offer wide range of products to customers anytime; while, customers can shop for products from anywhere, anytime. Business can also use this marketing technique to send offer details, push notifications and plain text messages to customers, all across the globe. App-based marketing is also an important part of mobile marketing, providing businesses great advantage.

Increasing use of smartphones and tablets has significantly increased the use of mobile apps, giving businesses an opportunity to take maximum advantage of the resource. This means, with the help of app-based marketing, a business can establish direct relationship with customers. Besides App-based marketing, Mobile Web Marketing is also an important part of Mobile Marketing, which allows businesses to advertise products on web pages that are exclusively meant to be accessed on mobile devices. In addition to these, there are other tools of Mobile Marketing that a business can effectively use to promote their products.

Mobile marketing offers several advantages to businesses.

  • Helps in reaching to accurate target audience
  • Creates higher response rate as compared to email marketing, resulting in higher ROI
  • Establishes effective two way communication with customers
  • Provides instantaneous results, as customers carry their mobile devices all the time and respond to the messages immediately
  • Expedient marketing tool with simple and basic content
  • Makes it convenient to trace customer responses

All these advantages help businesses to enhance its customer base and brand image in the market. As stated earlier, increasing use of mobile devices and mobile apps play a great role in the success of the business, and this leads to some popular trends in mobile marketing.

  • Enhanced Target Marketing: With increasing use of technology, a business can accurately target its audiences, either a large group of customers or an individual. While targeting an individual, a business need to take a more personalized approach, and an effective way of doing this is to incorporate native advertising into their mobile app marketing strategy.
  • Mobile App Burnout: As compared to the customer’s managing ability, there is increased number of mobile apps in the market, leading the problem of Mobile App Burnout. Therefore, a business need to create an app with which customers can easily associate with, and is highly useful too.
  • Increasing use of social media apps: If a business wants to connect with its customers more effectively, it should focus more on the use of social media apps for ad promotions.
  • Growing use of mobile videos: Generation of more and more attractive video content to influence customers effectively.

If you want to grow your business worldwide, use mobile marketing services provided by Marketing Mindz. We use SMS marketing, push notifications, mobile web marketing, app based marketing, QR codes, and location based marketing tools to provide this service.

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