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19 May 2015

Mobile Marketing: A Quick and Smart Medium to Market Products

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Smart devices like tablets and smartphones are the best examples of technology upgradation, as they are extensively used, now-a-days, by different types of businesses to market their products and services. These devices are quick and smart medium to make products easily accessible to customers anywhere, any time, and this is where the role of Mobile Marketing comes into play. Mobile Marketing is buying and selling of products through or with mobile devices. Using this internet marketing technique, a business can advertise and sell its products more effectively to a large group of customers, simultaneously; while customers can access and shop wide range of products anywhere, anytime through the use of internet.

Business can use this marketing technique to send offer details, push notifications and plain text messages to customers, besides selling products. Also, this expedient marketing tool is useful for businesses in reaching to right target market, in creating high response rate, and in establishing a direct contact with customers. It is also useful in tracking customer responses and in providing instantaneous results. Moreover, there are different approaches through which mobile marketing is offered, for example:

  • SMS marketing
  • Proximity systems
  • App-based marketing
  • Mobile web
  • MMS
  • Push notifications
  • QR codes, etc.

Besides these, location-based marketing is also popularly used to send custom advertising and other information to cell-phone users, based on their present location.

Effective Ways to Maximize Marketing Strategy
Mobile devices are undoubtedly the leader of marketing in today’s time. Consumers in different sectors prefer and have opted to use their mobile devices to review and buy products. Below are some of the useful and effective ways, through which a business can maximize its mobile strategy.

  • Use of right keywords: Use of proper keywords is necessary to make your mobile marketing strategy more effective. For this, it is essential that the keyword strategy should include local area together with the keywords.
  • Prioritization of sales and offers: To catch attention of the customers, include sales and special offers on your website. Even, you can include opt-in option, which enables users to receive alerts of new and special offers.
  • Compatibility with all mobile devices: different types of mobile devices are used by different types of consumers. Therefore, it is utmost important for businesses to ensure that their marketing strategies are compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Use of contact information: Inclusion of contact information along with the address takes an organization a step ahead, when customers search them.
  • Use of hyperlocalized marketing: Hyperlocalized marketing is a combination of big data analytic tools and IP geo-location technology, which controls social data insights and location data. As a result of this, it becomes easier to provide relevant, unique, personalized and highly targeted information to customers.

Mobile Marketing Services by Marketing Mindz
To let businesses attract more customers, gain market lead and establish effective connection with customers, Marketing Mindz offers mobile marketing services at an affordable cost. To provide this service, we use SMS marketing, push notifications, mobile web marketing, app based marketing, QR codes, and location based marketing approach.

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