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06 October 2014

Mobile marketing- Give New Dimensions to Business Marketing

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Today, a great number of users try to connect with businesses through mobile devices. And the rate at which mobile using, the consumer base is increasing, doesn’t seem to slow down in the near future. As more and more people are trying to connect with your business through mobile devices, it leaves you with no other options, but to reach out such customers through the devices that they use.

Now is the time, to have a mobile marketing strategy for your business. You can communicate with your customers on the devices they use the most (smart phones, tablets, note pads) by means of mobile marketing. It gives you many ways to choose from like mobile app development, text messaging (SMS), multimedia messages (MMS), push notifications, location based messaging, QR codes and other mobile technologies for sending coupons, offers, discounts, announcements and other promotional messages to the targeted customers. Mobile marketing campaigns can greatly influence store walk-ins, ecommerce website traffic and purchases.

Objectives for Mobile Marketing

Investing in mobile marketing is a strategic decision. Before, decide to go for it you should have your objectives and key results that you want to achieve from your mobile marketing efforts, clear in your head. There is no point in driving customers to mobile brands, if you haven’t created a great mobile experience.

How to Make Most Out of Mobile

You need to build a mobile friendly business website for fulfilling the demand of your consumer. Mobile technology is ever changing, so your mobile site should be built to keep up if it. Purpose of your mobile site is to cater to the users in hurry so, the page should load very fast.

If it is not possible for you to make separate mobile sites then, you can make your website with a responsive design. Responsive designing is the current trend in mobile marketing. It involves the designing of a website in such a way that it automatically adjusts itself according to the type of device and its screen size of any device (desktop, mobile, tablet). Responsive design has become quite essential today. It is time-saving for marketers as they can easily cater to their mobile based customers and they do not have to invest in building a separate mobile website or application.

If Responsive designing is not solving your problems as you are into online selling, you can build a separate mobile application or site. You should try to keep the application simple and navigation as smooth as possible.

Text message are no less than other marketing communication media. You need to wite them with a lot of caution. You should write a message that is attention grabbing and drive customers to the mobile site and hence, purchase.

Lastly, when you are finally taking your decision to move forward, you should select a mobile marketing service provider properly to make sure that they not just build your site but also help you in strategizing your efforts.

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