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12 December 2014

Marketing through Commercialized Email Messages

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With the introduction of internet in the world market, Email Marketing has become an important component of marketing and advertising products and services. In basic terms, Email Marketing is marketing of products/services by sending a commercial message to number of people at the same time through emails. In broader terms, every message send to current as well as potential customers through email is Email marketing. Generally, it involves the use of emails for sending ads, promotion offers, request business, discount deals, solicit sales, etc. Through this marketing medium, a business can gain loyalty and trust of customers, and can create brand awareness among them. Moreover, a business can use this tool to attract new customers as well as to stimulate and convince current customers to buy products/service instantaneously.

Types of Email Marketing

A business can market its products/services using different types of emails. Usually, there are two types of email marketing:

  • Transactional Emails– Use of this type of emails is, generally, based on the actions of customers with a company. These emails are activated with the purpose of facilitating, completing or confirming a commercial transaction. The activated messages used in these emails include password reset emails, dropped basket messages, order status emails, order confirmation emails, email receipts and reorder emails. This type of emails is most commonly used by online shopping portals.
  • Direct Emails– Marketing through direct emails involves the use of emails to communicate only promotional messages to customers. For example, making announcement regarding any special offer or relating to catalog of products.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing techniques to gain good brand value. There are several advantages of using Email Marketing. Some are:

  • A company can easily and properly track the exact ROI (return on investment).
  • A company can target specific customers in different ways
  • It is cost-effective and faster, as compared to traditional advertising mail.
  • Advertisers or companies can attain considerable numbers of email subscribers, who have chosen to receive email notifications or communications.
  • Direct email marketing method generates high user response and higher average order value for e-commerce market.
  • Personal and effective way to get connected with customers

Through Email marketing, a business can send emails regarding their products/services in the form of graphics, images, videos and links. It is an effective, easy and quick way to target specific customers. Through this marketing tool, a business can get feedback from its customers and can also analyze what type of product is most salable in the market.If you want to gain a good brand image in the market and need to improve your relationship with current and prospects customers,Marketing Mindz is one of the best email marketing service providers. We offer quality tested and best email marketing service to our clients at just the right price.

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