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24 August 2015

Make Your Social Media Marketing Campaign More Effective

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

The current market scenario clearly states that social media is the most influential and effective medium for a business to market its products and services. Businesses spend high percentage of their total investment on social media marketing to get high returns. It is a wide platform, which allows businesses to connect with different types of potential customers and to expand its market. Social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., play a significant role in this. As the competition in this field is getting fierce, digital marketers of the companies are finding best practices, innovative techniques and are formulating cool strategies to make social media advertising more effective. Here are some of the actionable tips that can make your social media marketing campaign more successful.

1. Create Ad Variations: Create lots of ad variations to make it successful. For this, an ad needs to pass through following actions:

  • Write different versions of the ad copy
  • Test various images
  • Change, adjust and work on your target audiences/custom audiences

All these actions make a simple strategy for any organization i.e. firstly, create ad variations; check frequently to see what is working; and finally, disable the lowest performers and try something innovative.

2. “Learn More” Button: Facebook offers a chance to business to include one of the seven buttons along with the ad, at the time of creating them for Facebook News Feed. These 7 button options are:

  • Sign Up
  • Download
  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Watch More

If you are not able to make a good choice out of them, it is always better to choose the “Learn More” button. You can add this useful button at the bottom of the Facebook Ads editor. This button works great for any business, because it helps people to focus on your ad to greater extent and even better.

3. Create Landing Page: If the main purpose of your ad is to get conversions, you need to focus on the ad as well as on where a person might end-up once they click on it. Portray your social media ads like a 2-step process:

  • Ad creation
  • Destination creation

Custom landing page is a great way to make social media advertising campaign successful. This means, the more targeted your ads are, the more targeted your landing page should be.

4. Be honest and straight to cite price: If you want people to click on your ad (whosoever is comfortable in paying the price for your product), share the price of your products early. This will help in driving the traffic, heading towards your landing page.

5. Discount Promotion: According to a survey, done on one of the social networks, it is clear that customers prefer to click on the ad, which is promoting discount offer. Simple Strategy working behind this is- mention discount offer in your copy.

6. Filter Mobile Traffic: At the time of creating an ad for social media, you have the option of segmenting your audiences by a number of factors that also include a desktop/laptop user versus a mobile device user. In order to fully optimize your conversation rate, it is necessary to show your ad to those, who are using desktops and laptops. This simply means, do not show your ad on mobile devices.

7. Focus on Feedback: Focus on the feedbacks received by the people on different social media platforms. Positive feedbacks are in the form of “likes”, “comments”, “sharing of ad” or any other desired action. Conversely, negative feedbacks are in the form of “ask people not to see the ad” or “hiding your ad”. Act according to the feedbacks received.