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01 October 2013

Do’s and Dont’s of Link Building

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In the world of SEO, link building plays a critical part in developing an online presence, if not done correctly can cause a serious damage to your brand or even to the start-ups. Link building is an incredibly important aspect of a Professional SEO company. It is an effective strategy formed and directed to obtain an increased web presence and quality of inbound links on a page. Backlinks are like a vote of confidence for your website and Link popularity can be really beneficial for your site, merely if achieve by implementing the ethical ways. Our link building experts structured a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you get started. Stroll down for more!     


Attractive website Develop a well optimized and attractive website, moreover,  keep it up to date as this is going to encourage others to form a link to your website. The well developed websites will trigger a positive impact on your niche audience. Unique content Quality content remains the solid Anchor for any marketing company. The content should posses the potential to go viral. The websites powered by relevant, informative and unique content will never fail in link building with the sorted and crowned websites, eventually climbing up the search engine ranking. Anchor text Create a mix of brand and keyword and constantly vary your anchor text links for the same, whether internal or external. Refer to thematically appropriate websites in your content by NOT using “nofollow” tags. Be organic in your work and watch for top results.


Purchasing link Google has become quite adept at spotting suspicious link profiles. Those of us involved in SEO marketing would understand that when you get involved in black hat techniques Google is there to punish you.  Activities like Buying and selling of links can make the engines really angry and can lead to the collapse of your online existence altogether. All changed when Google showed up ‘penguin’ ( algorithm update) in April 2012 and suddenly ‘quantity over quality’ ethos dropped into oblivion. And the sites offering quality, that were previously at the bottom of the results, rose majestically to the top. Reciprocal links Creating mutual link or Exchanging links is a very common practice in the online world. Many search engines including Google has frowned upon the idea of reciprocal links.

Hence, exchanging links is not a good idea for link building anymore. Avoid Guest articles Google announced that it would be cracking down on large-scale article marketing and guest posting campaigns that exist merely to build links. Placing such articles on your website won’t work for you in the long run. Though all the link attributes measured by the engines are not certain, but on a basis of strong analysis it comes out straight that the search engines like Google- analyze and value those links, that are sophisticated and relevant in their link building techniques. The quality link building certainly pays off, by helping increase traffic to your site. Try it! Recommended Reading : Common Myths About SEO , Select the right SEO marketing company

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