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24 December 2014

Lead generation: A modern technique of business growth and profitability

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With the passage of time, marketing techniques has come a long way from traditional advertising methods to digital or internet-based methods. Different companies are using different marketing tactics to achieve success and competitive edge in the market. Lead generation is one type of marketing techniques, which helps businesses in making more and more contacts with customers by generating their interest in products and services. Generation of interest may get converted into sale of products/services, making it profitable for business in every manner.

Leads can be generated from different sources or activities that include personal referrals, digital media, internet, via telephone calls, advertisements, events and shows, and more. The result of a recently conducted study shows that email is the widely used and most preferred method of generating leads for business, followed by event marketing and content marketing. Talking about the online marketing channels, search engines, direct traffic and web referrals are the three most significant and popular channels that account for about 93% of the total leads generated for a business. In addition to paid sources, there are unpaid sources, like organic search engine outcomes or present customer’s referrals that help in leads generation.

Online lead generation is an internet-based marketing technique, which is used by businesses to generate interest of prospective customers into their products and services via internet. It is generated for the purpose of creating sales leads, list building, e-newsletter list acquisition, loyalty programs, reward programs, etc. In today’s market scenario, there are two types of leads:

  • Sales Leads – It is generated by considering demographic conditions, for example, income, age, FICO score, HHI and more; and is resold to numerous advertisers. This type of leads is usually required in mortgage, finance and insurance industries. Also, a business can follow-up sales leads via phone calls.
  • Marketing Leads –This type of lead is generated for exclusive advertising offers and is specific to a particular brand. Unlike sales leads, marketing leads cannot be resold, as they can be sold only once. Maintaining transparency in the process is necessary for generating marketing leads.

Lead generation is important for different types of businesses, especially for those that are using online lead generation services. The increasing popularity of lead generation is evident in service-oriented businesses like educational institutions, insurance agencies and more. Below are some of the internet marketing lead generation techniques that help small and medium-sized businesses, service-oriented organizations and even, non-profit organization to get business leads. These techniques are

  • Developing lead generation and user-friendly websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media websites
  • Blogging
  • Webinars
  • E-books
  • Industry Research Reports
  • E-newsletters
  • PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising
  • Online video marketing

We at Marketing Mindzgenerate leads for different types of businesses to help them achieve business growth, profitability, customer’s trust and confidence and competitive advantage. We use advanced techniques for lead generation and offer this service at a highly reasonable cost.


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