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03 October 2015

Know More about Online Lead Generation Services

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Business leads are the keystone to success for any type of business in the online industry. Online lead generation services allow you to know when exactly someone is looking for a product or service that you offer. You can track and contact them directly to pitch your product or service, and expect a return on investment further increasing the sales.

Near about 27% of the B2B or business to business leads are actually sales-ready while they are generated for the first time. This makes it essential to nurture the leads for the other 73% share, however, up to 65% of the business marketers might not have yet established an effective lead generation or nurturing campaign. Now, what does it mean? Lead nurturing is a very fresh concept, especially because as the businesses are becoming more sales oriented. Once the marketing professionals focussed on demographics, but now, they are open to analyse the market, their potential customer needs and their offerings, so as to serve the end customers better.

So, how to proceed?

Understanding your Marketing Funnel

The traditional online marketing funnel includes all type of marketing activities from PR to advertising or usage of print media. However, now a days, you need to shift to an online platform as this gives you the leverage to monitor and pitch those who are looking for similar services that you offer. So, direct marketing and better reach!


Have a look at the current online traffic and conversion ratios of your business. Do they stand by or near to what is expected? Some of the webmasters get very obsessed with the visitor levels, but by having a number of visitors without the conversions are equal to minimum or zero output. This means that potential customers are interested in your product or service, but, you are losing them big time. This is where there is a need to improvise your lead generation techniques. This is where lead nurturing comes in!

The process and difference

Internet marketing lead generation services involves selecting effective keywords, making an ad and placing online or driving traffic to a particular website by selective keywords. However, at times customers look for better options and change their initial search so, by having a lead nurturing program you can bring changes to your existing campaign at various levels and track those customers as well who are dynamic with their search. This way your chances of losing a targeted or potential buyers becomes less.

To know more, contact a professional Internet marketing agency soon!