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07 July 2015

Interactive Content: The Most Exciting and Effective Marketing Tactic

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In today’s time, Content is everything in the world of digital or online marketing. In fact, it is the king, especially for search engine optimization. Without effective, engaging and creative content, a company cannot survive in this highly competitive and big marketing world. When we talk about content, we usually include information presented in the form of blog posts, news, videos, e-books, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles, reports, photos, etc., that will help companies to acquire and retain customers. However, all these types of content are designed and generated to be passively utilized by people. As a matter of fact, audiences can only read, watch or listen, share and comment on these types of content. But, the content does not ask them for any suggestion and doesn’t react to them immediately.

With the changes in technology and due to the changing needs of customers, digital marketing now calls for interactive content, instead of passive content. Interactive content is more beneficial in engaging audiences as active members. To design an interactive content, one can use quizzes, calculators, configurators, assessment tools, games, contests, workbooks, and more.

Importance of Interactive Content
There are three main reasons that clearly illustrate why one should use interactive content for business growth.

  1. Interactive content provides a distinct way to businesses to stand out, and grab and hold the attention of the audiences. It gives content marketers a new armory to battle more effectively in the flood of passive content. Also, there are wide varieties of content apps available in different formats that a business can utilize to engage its audiences or it can create its own entertaining content apps, specific to the audience. In this way, the interactive content will help businesses to catch the attention of the customers, right from the beginning.
  2. The sole purpose of content marketing is to educate customers and provide them the right information. Most of the people prefer to learn best through practical and experiential learning. With this type of learning, they can try out things and can see what happens; receive instant feedback; test their knowledge; or can see how they compare it to others. Interactive content provides people this type of practical education.
  3. Interactive content is effective in collecting extremely productive data. It is valuable in revealing unbelievable insights about individual prospects, which is helpful for any business.

3 Techniques to Create Interactive Content
To stay close to the customers, businesses can use the following useful techniques to create interactive content.

  • Interactive video marketing: It allows viewers to interact successfully through physical actions such as touching or clicking. By creating interactive videos, business can actually boost their engagement with the customers.
  • Reveal-based Marketing: It is highly useful in getting immediate attention of the customers. Games, problem-solving tactics and motion interactions are some of the popular examples of reveal-based marketing.
  • Polling: It is the most effective as well as simple technique to generate immediate customer engagement. A business can get effective audience feedback through polling. Also, it doubles the amount and importance of the content.