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21 March 2015

Increasing Trends in Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services using smart electronic device that include smartphone and tablets. It is also most commonly known as Internet Marketing, Web Marketing or Online Marketing. This form of marketing uses different platforms like websites, emails, apps and social networks to promote products and services. Apart from these internet-based channels, digital marketing can also be done through non-internet channels that include TV, radio, SMS, etc. With the growing usage of digital devices, the digital marketing industry is growing with a rapid rate. Most of the organizations use this marketing technique to grow their business and to promote their products among potential customers.

Web marketing uses various types of digital marketing services that include Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, etc., to promote and popularize products. A business can use these marketing techniques to gain competitive edge, to make good connections with customers, to enhance sales and productivity, to augment brand images and to fulfill customer’s need in an effective manner. Besides these digital marketing services, a right and apposite digital marketing mix is also important for a business to gain growth in the market.

In today’s digital world, to understand market challenges and to make a strong branding strategy, it is important for a business to know the increasing trends in Digital Marketing.

Trends in Digital Marketing

  • Smart Email Marketing: As the website visitors are becoming more cautious about providing their email addresses, businesses need to think smartly over the use of email marketing for the promotion of products.
  • Successful Content Marketing: Unique and good-quality content should be the first priority for businesses to increase and improve their search engine rankings and to attract customers. A successful content strategy is important to build trust among people.
  • Impressive Video Marketing: Original, short and impressive video is, now, the key to success for any business. Therefore, a business should start its ad campaign by making engaging and informative videos that delight viewers.
  • Replacing “Mobile-friendly” with “Mobile-first”: With the growing use of smartphone and tablets, digital market is now seeing a shift from mobile-friendly or responsive website to mobile-first strategy. This means, now businesses have to think about mobile first before creating content for their products.
  • Growing importance of social networks: Social networks are important to promote business, and in coming years, it will increase more. Therefore, a business needs to effectively calculate the ROI of their social media marketing. Effectual tracking and measuring of ROI will help businesses to invest their money more effectively.
  • Increasing use of PPC: New and emerging forms of paid advertisements are entering into the market to drive business growth.
  • Change in search algorithm: A business also need to focus on time-to-time changes in search algorithms. Besides Google’s search algorithms, businesses need to consider Facebook’s algorithm, Bing’s algorithm, and even the mash-up of Twitter and Google’s algorithm.

To sump-up this, it can be said that keeping an eye on these increasing trends will help businesses to grow their market and gain more revenues.

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