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19 October 2013

Grow Your Business via Social Media

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Social media marketing is an ideal platform for the start-ups. Discover various social media platforms that help develop a powerful and effective online presence and will ultimately grow your business.

In pursuit of growing your start-up business and to attract the right kind of attention, the small scale business owners has jumped on the power of social media and are using several bench-marked social networking sites to prosper.

Developing an effective social media marketing strategy can allow start-ups to actively engage with their prospective customers and generate leads that they may not have been able to achieve by using traditional marketing strategies.

Business experts say, without an online presence, you really don’t have a business. The more active you are on various social media channels, the more likely your business will be found online.

Invest in twitter: Twitter background is one of the most important parts of your online presence. Having an account on twitter facilitates your important clients to interact with you and start to think about your brand. Talk to your followers and don’t just broadcast to them. Furthermore, monitor what your clients and prospects tweeting in order to anticipate and serve their needs and build relationships much faster. Use hash tags, add client’s blogs to your RSS reader, create a Twitter list and add it to a tool like Tweet Deck.

Build a Facebook page: Facebook, being the most dominant social networking site, scopes for immense growth of your brand and business. One of the best parts of using Facebook is the flexibility small business owners have to tailor their use of marketing techniques in accordance with people’s response. Invite friends to like your business page, use a recognizable profile picture, respond to relevant questions and comments, fan gate your content and create your Facebook app.

Be professional with LinkedIn: Profiles on LinkedIn hold a lot of opportunity for business networking with people who fit your prospect profile. If your business or brand is geared toward a particular niche market, make sure that you stretch out from your LinkedIn profile and join the relevant groups who could be interested in what you offer. Actively participate in conversations, share your business and knowledge, give valuable advice or answer suited questions.

Apparently, a social media campaign is the simple and inexpensive way to get your newbie brand out in front of customers and establish direct rapport with prospects. Social networking sites prove to be the best medium for on the spot interaction, engagement and promotion of your brand and business. Best of all, the validation you receive on social media can make your brand go viral.

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