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12 October 2013

Google latest update- Penguin 2.1

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With the inception of Penguin in 2012, there have been four other modifications to the algorithm.

Penguin 2.1 is the fifth and most recent alteration made to the algorithm.
Penguin is the latest algorithm by Google that targets unnatural links or manipulative links in search engine ranking. It acts as a flagging system for the Google Search Quality team, alerting them to instances of unnatural linking.  According to Google’s Matt Cutts “It’s a brand new generation of algorithms.”

Google’s this spam-fighting technology has already caused a stir in the SEO world. Many professional SEO companies that indulged in paid, spamming or low quality link building or black hat techniques are now dropping the idea of using these frowned-upon tactics.

Who all are to be hit by Google penguin 2.1:

The Penguin element of Google’s ranking system is aimed at decreasing the search engine visibility of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It largely targets the following

  • Manipulation of the number of in-bound links
  • The large amount of back links coming from one website.
  • Aggressive links exchange or excessive mutual link building.
  • Black hat SEO techniques done to climb up in the rankings.
  • Multiple sets of exact match anchor text links.
  • Spammy directories

Tips and recovery recommendations:

On the flip side, with certain high quality practices and organic matter you can win over Google’s new generation algorithm. Stroll down for some guidelines –

  • If you had the spammy directories in the past, spot the offending links and make them, have them no-followed or disavow them.
  • Employ a seasoned SEO marketing company that aims to benefit the quality of a user’s search experience along with ethical practices to improve your web ranking.
  • Organic Content is the key for achieving those heavy traffics that you are seeking for. The websites powered by relevant, informative and unique content will never fail in link building with the sorted and crowned websites.

Needless to say, Penguin algorithm is going much deeper than its preceding penguin algorithm. Penguin targets the web spammers that look for shortcuts or loopholes in pursuit of high ranking or traffic. Apparently, Marketers who thought they had slipped under the radar will now need to go back and remove any disreputable references. Keep visiting to know more about latest algorithms!

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