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11 February 2015

Generate Interest of Customers through Lead Generation to Increase Sales

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In the field of marketing, lead generation is a tactic through which interest of customers are generated in the products and services of a company or business, which may get converted into the sale of products and services. Through this technique, a business can make direct contact with customers, and can gain a competition edge in the market. In business, leads are created or generated for different purposes, like to get more sales, brand popularity and more. Usually, the leads are generated by using different marketing and advertising techniques, but can also be generated through non-paid sources that include organic search engine results, telephone calls, customer referrals, to name a few.

In today’s time, digital media and the Internet are the most preferred and widely used medium of generating leads for business. Various online marketing tools are used to get more leads for business, and social media plays a major role in this. With the use of social media, a business can promote its products and services conveniently to more and more customers and can get more business opportunities. The reason for this is that social media content influences people more. Apart from social media, other tools that are widely used for lead generation are – direct traffic, search engines, and web referrals.

Online lead generation is a technique through which interest of both potential and current customers is generated in the products and services of a business using internet. The main purpose of generating interest is to create sales leads; and besides this, it is generated for the purpose of list building, e-newsletter list acquisition, loyalty programs, reward programs, and more.

Online advertising is most commonly used for online lead generation. In this online advertising, three pricing models are used:

  • Cost Per Thousand – It is also termed as Cost Per Mile (CPM). In this pricing model, an advertiser is charged for each and every advertisement that is being viewed by customers.
  • Cost Per Click – In this pricing model, an advertiser is charged only for the ads that is being clicked by the viewers or customers.
  • Cost Per Action – In cost per action, advertisement is charged only by the lead.

In today’s competitive market scenario, every type of organization requires lead generation for their business, but it is more popular in service-oriented businesses like educational institutions, insurance agencies, medical and healthcare. There are different lead generation techniques that a business can use to get more leads. These include – SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Webinars, E-books, Industry Research Reports, Responsive Websites, PPC Advertising, Online Video Marketing and many more.

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