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06 November 2014

Five Features of a Lead Generating Website

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Although there are several techniques for online lead generation, but the best way is to create a lead generating website. A lead generating website is the one which is created with an aim to get a quick response and action from the user.

Most of the websites are not designed to generate leads. They actually work against the generation of leads. They are generally filled with a lot of text and jargons and look like a digital version of a traditional brochure. These websites fail in conveying their primary message to the customers and therefore remain passive.

A lead generating website is the one with user friendly navigation and content that clearly describes your value proposition. If users are not able to instantly identify the key problems or needs that you can solve, they will go somewhere else. It is only a matter of few seconds. A lead generating website is one which gives easy access to valuable information, offers chances to sign up and provides an easyway to contact.If you wish to create such a website, you should take care of the following points:

1. Include a Contact Number: Including a contact number of all the pages of your website increases your credibility and customers’ trust in you. It would take lesser time for users to make a decision about contacting you.

2. Posting lead generation forms: Providing an easy access to the lead generation forms is essential to increasing the number of qualified leads through your website. But, such forms should ask for the minimal information to increase the likelihoodof customer participating in filling in the form.

3. Adding Testimonials: It has been studied that putting the client testimonials and photographs increases the chances of lead qualification. Testimonials are a great marketing tool. Adding pictures and rich media like audio or videos can make is much more effective.

4.Online Videos: Online videos are a great, powerful tool that can bridge the gap between off line and on line commerce. Videos can be used for various purposes, for example, you can give product description, customer reviews, and how to use types of videos. It has been studied that online users who viewed a product video were much more likely to convert over users who simply viewed an ad.

5. Use powerful words: “Get”, “feel”, “have” are powerful action verbs that can compel users to take a quick decision. Using such words in your offers puts the customers in an important position as the one getting the benefits.

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