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27 November 2013

Essentials for Building a Credible E-commerce Site

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E-commerce is the most popular business trend in the futuristic society, as most of the modern cities are internet equipped and allow to make transitions anywhere in the world. However, starting an Ecommerce business can be a pretty daunting task. Any aspiring webmasters hoping to get into the e-commerce game, let’s get down and learn the essentials of this business.

  • Quick page Load: Your website establishes the first impression in the minds of visitors. If your site takes more than three seconds to load, you can lose more than 30% of potential shoppers. Not only does a slow site discourage buyers, but it can also take you down in Google search rankings. Before you launch your E-commerce site, be sure to test load times with YSlow and Page Speed.
  • Website to fit the Mobile Interface: According to the recent statistics, 31% of mobile Internet users mostly go online using their phones. Therefore, your site should be easily viewable both in computer as well as mobile, which means creating the mobile versions will differ from the full site. With the advent of responsive website design, you can code a site so that it works on any device.
  • Call to Action Leads: Make a strong call to action for your visitors as to why they should follow your brand on Twitter, Facebook, or any other network. Embrace your customers with special offers, coupons, tips, and other advantages that they wouldn’t get otherwise. You can choose a website design and development company that holds expertise in the field.
  • Easy Checkout: If your potential customers feel that they are being led in circles, they will probably give up. Hence, one of the simplest methods for speeding access is to limit the checkout form to as few fields as possible. Also keep the entire form on a single page to avoid loading a new page at each stage of the checkout process.  This will help the buyers in securing a decision and ultimately commit to a transaction.
  • Social Media Links: In the age of social media, a tweet or post from a Twitter or Facebook business page will lend more credibility to your E-commerce business, than an anonymous post ever could. Linking your E-commerce website with social networking sites will lead your visitors to the authenticity of your site. For the matter of fact, 77% of companies report they acquired customers through Facebook.
  • Customer Reviews: According to a great infographic from PeopleClaim, ratings and reviews are the second most important site feature, after search. Moreover, approx 71% of buyers agree that reviews make them more comfortable that they are buying the right product.

However, you can opt a professional internet marketing company that will help you establishing as a brand and bring increased traffic to your website.

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