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04 April 2015

Email Marketing: A Popular Form of Online Marketing to Attract Customers

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Advancement in technology and growing usage of internet has given rise to various forms of marketing that use smart devices and the internet to advertise products. Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing are some of the popular types of internet-based marketing or online marketing. Among all these, Email Marketing is the oldest form of online marketing, which includes use of emails to send product advertisements, ask for donations and to request business. A business use email marketing to build trust and loyalty, and to create brand awareness among customers. Basically, email marketing is done to enhance the relationship between the business and the customers, to acquire new customers, and to influence customers to buy something straight away.

Email Marketing

This form of online marketing is used by businesses of all types and sizes, across the globe. It is a cost-effective and quick medium to reach to customers. It helps businesses in calculating exact return on investment. In addition, there are other benefits of email marketing to businesses, and these include:

  • It drives sales, as you can send authentic information to huge number of customers all at once.
  • It showcases the brand image of the business more strongly and encourages enhanced customer relationship.
  • Email Marketing aids in segmenting user and customer database information appropriately.
  • It can be easily integrated with online marketing strategies, like social media and blog spots, to influence customers.
  • It reduces overhead cost, as you need not have to pay for printing, postal mails, phone calls, and do not require more employees, designers or marketing analysts.
  • It helps businesses to send any type of informational emails to customer. For example, you can send promotional emails, discount emails, new arrival emails, holiday emails, to name a few.
  • It leads to more frequent communication with customers.
  • It provides quick results within minutes of sending emails.

Types of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is broadly classified into two types: Transactional Emails and Direct Emails. Depending upon the requirement, a business can use any of these email types to promote its products. Direct emails are solely used to communicate promotional messages, and are sent to both current as well as potential customers. On the other hand, transactional emails are created on the basis of customer’s action with the company. Transactional emails send by businesses include order status emails, order confirmation emails, password reset emails, dropped basket messages, reorder emails and email receipts.

Marketing Mindz: One of the Best Email Marketing Service Providers

Marketing Mindz is one of the best email marketing service providers in the market, offering reliable, quality-tested and best email marketing service. The email marketing service provided by us is highly cost-effective, and helps businesses grow and flourish in the market. Also, it helps businesses to make good customer relationships and to get best return on investments.

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