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28 January 2014

Effectiveness of E-Mail Marketing

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

The effectiveness of E-Mail Marketing is directly based on how well it has been implemented so that they so not land you in the spam boxes of most of the inboxes that you target.

As we all know, email marketing is the practice of sending an email to the targeted audience with the hope of selling them a product or a service and this is done with the intent of establishing trust, loyalty and of course brand awareness.

E-mail marketing is the simpler and faster mode of marketing when compard to direct marketing and hence,has proven to be cost effective. It helps to spend less time in marketing and more time growing our business with automated follow ups. This mode of marketing has given people to reason to respond quickly. Companies are in a position to engage people in much more immediate and interactive manner, with the merging of email marketing and social media. With email marketing we can automate our campaigns and have immediate results, can segment our list and target our customers, learn what our customers want, drive sales, convert leads into customers, maintain existing customers and build loyalty, acquire new customers and many more.

As email marketing has a vast scope and the results are directly based on how well it is implemented, employing a specialized service agency becomes essential. Marketing Mindz, a website design and development company has already helped many businesses grow in India as well as in overseas.

On the email marketing front, it helps its customers to:

  • Collect, manage and segment your subscribers
  • Helps with the template to create great looking emails, campaigns and newsletters with ease
  • Deliver a sequence of messages automatically
  • Create and send email marketing newsletter to the targeted sector in minutes
  • Track the number and the list of the people who have shown interest in the emails
  • Track who opened your message and who did not
  • Track which links were clicked and by whom
  • How many people unsubscribed

Marketing Mindz, makes sure that the emails are designed and executed with precision so that they so not land you in the spam boxes of most of the inboxes that you target. Marketing Mindz employs experts in online marketing, who are strategists and design campaigns that can help solve real problems using experience, efficiency and passion resulting in generating more earnings.

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