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20 January 2015

Direct Traffic to Your Website through Pay Per Click Advertising

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Pay Per Click (PPC), also popularly known as Cost Per Click, is an online marketing model, which is used to direct traffic to a particular website. Using this advertising model, advertisers pay certain amount to the publisher or the owner of the website for any ad that is being clicked. In simple terms, Pay Per Click is the money spent to get an advertisement clicked. Search engine marketing plays an important role in getting traffic for certain advertisements, as the advertisers usually pay for the keyword phrases that are significant to their target market. Pay Per Click advertisements, which is known as banner ads or display ads, are presented on websites or different search engine results with associated content. The main advantage of PPC advertising is that the ads can be accessed by customers anywhere, anytime with internet availability. Websites that use PPC advertisement model will display ads whenever a keyword query matches with keyword list of advertisers.

Pay Per Click advertising model is used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness and profitability of online marketing. As compared to Cost Per Permission, PPC provides information regarding the effectiveness of the advertisements. Number of clicks on an ad helps in measuring how much attention people are giving on that particular advertisement. Moreover, the basic formula for calculating Pay Per Click is:

Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads clicked (#)

To determine pay-per-click, generally, two models are used: flat-rate model and bid-based model.

  • Flat-rate PPC Model – In this model, both the advertiser and the publisher agrees upon a fixed price that will be paid for every single click. This model is usually used by comparison shopping portals that publish rate cards in which the rates are sometimes very nominal. However, advertisers can pay more, in order to enhance the visibility of the ad on the website.
  • Bid-based PPC Model – In this model, a contract has been signed by an advertiser, which permits him to compete against other advertisers in a privately-owned auction. This private auction is hosted by a publisher or by an advertising network. With the help of online tools, the advertiser notifies about the maximum price he/she is willing to pay for a particular ad spot. Moving ahead, an automated auction takes place whenever the ad spot is considered as a part of any search engine results page and when the search for a keyword (for which the bid has been done) occurs.

An advertiser can use any of the above stated PPC models to popularize his product advertisements among more and more people.

We at Marketing Mindz help businesses to manage and promote their ads through Pay Per Click advertisement. We offer PPC service in regards to the whole ad campaign. Moreover, as compared to pay per click management companies or pay per click consultants, we give an offer to our clients to choose their ad campaign type i.e. search network type, display network type or both. On the basis of their selection, we design and promote ads, in order to enhance their visibility.


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