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19 February 2015

Direct Marketing of Products through Emails

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Time has changed to great extent, and today, various forms of online or internet marketing is used to advertise products and services. The main objective behind this is to reach to more number of customers in a targeted and cost-effective way. Email Marketing is one such form of online marketing, which is used to market products/services by sending commercialized message directly to a group of customers via email. Every email that is sent to present as well as potential customers, to advertise products, create brand awareness and build loyalty, is Email Marketing. It is one of the best ways to augment business communication and relationships, and target specific market. Also, it highly cost-effective and enables a business to stay connected with its customers anytime, anywhere.

In addition to these, some other benefits of Email marketing are:

  • It helps in reducing time and effort.
  • It aids in segmenting customer database information.
  • It leads to more frequent communication.
  • It reduces overhead cost, as you need not have to pay for printing, postal mails, phone calls, and do not require more employees, designers or marketing analysts.
  • It makes it convenient to track information of any type.
  • It offers higher return on investment

Keeping all these benefits in mind, a business can use this marketing technique to promote its products/services more effectively to large number of customers.

Forms of Email Marketing

Email marketing can be carried out in different ways that can be broadly classified into two types:

  • Transactional Emails: These types of emails are created, depending upon customer’s action with a company. A business can use transactional emails for the purpose of facilitating, completing and confirming a commercial transaction, for which the customer has agreed upon. Moreover, the messages used in these transactional emails include order status emails, order confirmation emails, password reset emails, dropped basket messages, reorder emails and email receipts. E-commerce websites i.e. online shopping portals usually use these types of emails.
  • Direct Email: This type of email is exclusively used to communicate a promotional message. Direct emails are sent to both current as well as potential customers. One good example of this is the catalog of products and notice of any special offer.

There are numerous email marketing service providers in the market, but out of this large pool, finding a reliable and trustworthy company is a daunting task. Giving you relief from this task, Marketing Mindz provides you best email marketing service at affordable cost. By using our service, you can make good connections with more and more customers to grow your business online.

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