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10 January 2015

Digital Marketing Mix: Marketing and Promoting Business through Digital Means

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In this constantly changing technological world, the increasing use of digital devices has changed the way people think and view things. Also, the digital devices have created a big difference the way business functions and markets its products and services. One good thing is that the use of digital media is not only benefited businesses, but also benefited customers equally. On one hand, it has given businesses a tool to understand their customers and their requirements in an effective manner; while, on the other hand, it has opened a door for customers to stay updated all the time regarding products/services and other things happening in the world around.

From business perspective, digital devices have changed the method of marketing products/services, and make it easier for businesses to understand customer’s demand. Digital Marketing is one good example of this. It is a broad term, which takes into account all forms of marketing that is carried through the use of electronic means – Internet and mobile devices. Digital marketing is also popularly known as Internet Marketing, Web Marketing or Online Marketing. This mode of marketing makes best use of advanced technologies and different platforms like websites, apps, emails and social media to promote and grow business. Different types of organizations (be it large, small, not for profit or for-profit) are using this marketing tool to keep customers aware of their products and services. Varied types of digital marketing services include Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, to name few.

  • SEO – Through Search Engine Optimization, a business can enhance its visibility on different and popular search engines, like Google and Yahoo!. There are different SEO techniques that a company can use to make its business popular. These techniques are – on-site technical analysis, content creation, link-building, blogging, etc.
  • E-Mail marketing– This traditional form of internet marketing use database marketing to send updated information and special offers to customers.
  • SMM – Social Media marketing is the marketing of products and services using various social media like social news, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • PPC – Pay Per Click, also known as Cost Per Click, is technique through which paid advertisements can be managed easily.

A business can utilize any of the digital marketing techniques to enhance its productivity and sales, make good relationships with customers, enhance brand loyalty, gain competitive edge, and fulfill customer’s demand. In addition to this, a right and most suitable digital marketing mix is important to give business requisite success and growth in the market. Digital marketing mix is the use of marketing mix tools i.e. seven P’s and 4 C’s (price, product, promotion, place, people, process and performance; and consumer, cost, communication and convenience) through digital media.

Marketing Mindz offers optimum digital marketing solutions to let businesses grow and flourish in the market in the most effective manner and within a budgeted range.

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