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12 March 2015

Current SEO Trends: What does the future holds?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process through which the visibility of a website is affected in the organic search results of different search engines. Basically, it is the process of increasing the ranking of a website in search results. The more frequently a website appears in search engine’s result, the more visitors it will get. It is an internet marketing technique, which is popularly used to attract more traffic from natural and open sources. To increase site’s visibility and to augment the brand popularity, SEO may target a web page on different grounds that include image search, news search, local search, video search, content search, industry-specific search and academic search.

Internet is playing a major role in how marketing is done now-a-days; therefore, the role of SEO has become more significant. Also, to get a competitive edge, it is utmost important for any organization to keep pace with the latest SEO trends. Here is a list of prevalent SEO trends:

  • Quality Content: In today’s competitive market, content is the king. The latest algorithms of the most popular search engine, Google, focuses more on content, rather than keyword saturation. This means, the focus has shifted towards analyzing whether or not the content is actually pertinent to the keywords. As a result of this, it becomes important for companies to produce top-quality content, having correct and relevant keywords and synonyms for those keywords. Additional to this, it is necessary to concentrate more on the type of content rather than the words.
  • Role of Social Networks: Social network sharing is becoming more and more important due to the changes in the search engine algorithms. Content shared on different social networks tend to get more visitors, which thereby, helps in improving the search engine ranking of the website. Content with higher quality get more likes and shares on social networks, which ultimately increase the search engine ranking of the website.
  • Increasing Need of Online Security: Online security is an increasing need of SEO today. Websites that deal with sensitive customer information and online transactions need to ensure that they are using high security measures to protect the information. Use of security certificates and https will not only help businesses to keep their website information secured, but will also help in improving search engine rankings.
  • Increasing Use of Mobile: Mobile-friendly SEO will tend to grow in years to come, because of the increasing use of mobile phones. Mobile user experience will help in improving the search engine ranking in Google’s algorithms.
  • Focusing on Conversations: Instead of focusing simply on matching-up keywords, different search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing are using meaning, context and intent of the words in search query. This means, more of conversational keyword phrases will grow increasingly in future for SEO.
  • Proper Link Building: Appropriate link building will continue to be an important SEO tool. What has changed is how the backlinks will be interpreted by search engines to and from a website.
  • More Importance to Visual-based SEO: Unique and top-quality video media contents like graphics, images and videos are becoming an important asset for web pages to improve their ranking on search engine results.

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