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16 September 2014

Creating an effective Pay Per Click Ad Campaign

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Pay per click is an online advertising model based on keyword searches. PPC ads are very effective in directing traffic to the website.  Google’s AdWord service is synonymous name with online advertising. Google’s AdWords offer many payment models for publishing ads on the search pages and other websites. PPC is one of the payment models.  In PPC model advertisers pay the internet publishers (displaying their ads) at pre-decided rates, when someone clicks at the ads.

Benefits of PPC

  • Faster Marketing: Free and organic ranking through SEO is a time taking process. If you want a quick marketing or you have recently launched a business, PPC ads can be a lot more helpful in generating traffic and getting good leads.
  • Good for low Budget: Best thing about PPC is that you can keep your initial investment low and set your PPC ads budget on own. You can create your AdWord account for free.
  • Tracking: You would right away come to know the effectiveness of your ad campaign. You can keep your ad campaign effective by tracking the keyword success and change them immediately. Unlike the other marketing mediums this takes much lesser time.
  • Targeted View: You can specify specific location and demographics for your PPC search ads to increase the quality traffic to your website. You can run your PPC campaigns for a specific duration.
  • Measurable Results: As compared to other advertising mediums, with PPC you can closely estimate your ROI. With PPC you can easily manage your costs and track conversions.

Creating a successful AdWord campaign

To make create an effective campaign you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Keywords: The main requirement for making a PPC ad campaign success is the selection of right keywords. You can search targeted keywords for you campaigns through many available keyword tools like Google keyword tool, word tracker etc. You can change the target keywords of your ads based on the ranking of keywords.
  • Campaign Head line: Create a catchy head line for your campaign. Even a good ranking may not bring you the click if your head line doesn’t catch the attention of your target audience.
  • Landing Pages: Always create good landing page for your PPC ad with call to action buttons to increase the chances of conversion.
  • Optimize Regularly: To retain the success of your campaign it is important to optimize your ad campaigns on regular basis.
  • Hire a Professional:  You should hire a profession pay per click Management Company to manage your accounts and keep your focus on the core business.

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