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16 October 2014

Collecting Email Addresses for Marketing- Do’s and Don’ts

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Email marketing is one of the best and cost-effective way to reach out the customers. Sometimes when email marketing is not practiced ethically, it can sabotage the reputation of the business. One such bad practice that is often repeated is related to the recipients of marketing emails. The ethics of any business doesn’t allow it to break the right to personal information security of any individual.It is often seen that business usually source recipient’s email ids in a wrong way.

Many countries have strict rules on how email marketers can collect email ids, although most of the countries still don’t have them. But, it is the moral responsibility of the email marketer to receive permission of the recipients or email subscribers before sending them any type of email content. Other than being a moral duty, it is favorable to the business. You can never be sure that these wrongly sourced email addresses are actually your target audience.

So, what is the point in doing something that annoys potential customers at the same time deters the business growth?

Since laws explicitly do not describe the wrong methods of collecting e-mails, it is always better to select a right way. Following are some of the tips for collecting email ids:

  • Do not buy email lists from an agency that allows you to keep email addresses as a data file. Data files are usually easy to transfer, and they are not built with explicit permissions for third party use.
  • Do not buy email addresses from websites or online directories. They do not come along with the consent of
  • Do not hire an email address collection service unless it verifies that every subscriber in the list has given confirmation for the third party use of their email ids.
  • Never borrow a list of emails from other business. It cannot help your business in any way. It is not your target audience.

Following are some ethical ways through which you can collect email addresses of your targeted audience:

  • Whenever you collect email address, ask for the explicit information to send marketing emails. You may collect email ids through many ethical ways like exchanging cards or a website form.
  • If you are using a check box for email subscription on a form for user on your website, keep it unchecked (clear) by default.
  • If you are collecting emails through a shipping form on your website, ask users explicitly for using their email addresses for non-transactional, commercial emails.
  • Include the description of the types of email subscribers will receive, near the check box.
  • Send a professional email letter for welcoming subscriber with the policy and agreement of the email subscription.
  • With every email that you send, provide users a link to opt-out from any future correspondence.

If you are hiring an email marketing service provider for managing your email marketing campaign, always provide your own list to them. If you want them to develop your email marketing list, make sure that they do it the right way. Always hire the best email marketing service provider.

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