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15 October 2016

Email Marketing Solutions for a Leading eCommerce Company

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Designing effective email marketing solutions requires a good amount of creativity and experience. With this, over the past couple of months, email creation has been a key part of my services and something that has kept me very busy.

Emails are inevitably the best source to directly reach the targeted clients as people check emails on daily basis. When I started preparing emails marketing campaigns, there were many areas where I improvised a solution by thinking of myself as a customer.

I wrote all the ideas down, documented a strategy, but before going through it, let me help you with your next synopsis where you will present the outcomes of your email strategy.

In this article I’m going to show you my email marketing success story for eCommerce Industry.

Project Overview

The client had a presence with an online retail store, but he lacked an effective business promotion tool to gain in his eCommerce website traffic and increase the business conversion rates. With this, the client wanted to employ an effective marketing strategy to boost his eCommerce brand, gain with a pronounced customer loyalty and promote his range of products.

Business Expectation

To generate business revenue through the sales of the online retail product range.


The client was proposed with the solution of an effective Email Marketing Campaign, which could potentially boost the brand reputation, promote his range of products and earn great business conversion rate for the client by effectively reaching a targeted customer base in a cost-effective manner.

After agreeing to the proposed idea, the client was presented with a detailed strategy of our Email Marketing Campaign developed specifically for his requirements.

So, here are some points that I employed in my email marketing strategy that can be used as tips for a successful email marketing campaign. Further, the campaign is presented with the help of the examples that were actually used in the campaign for our eCommerce client:

  • Make the content interesting – If your objective is to sell products, use content to support this instead of an immediate call to action, like “BUY NOW”. You should effectively display the unique selling points of the product along with adding the price details. I promoted following products for the client:
    “Metallic” Stylish iPhone Dual USB Flash Drive
    “Triangle Waterproof” Bluetooth Speakers
  • Ensure every email you send is subjected with at least one of your business objectives. Subject Line should not be long. Some subjects I used for the email marketing campaign:
    “FREE SHIPPING! Car Entertainment Devices” 
    “WoW Sale! Free Shipping for next 24 hours on all products”
     “Bluetooth Speaker and Headsets for your Smartphone! Free Shipping”
  • By splitting up your database into groups with similar characteristics, you can send more targeted emails.wsarf
  • Analyze your campaign metrics – specifically the- ‘open’, ‘click-through’ and ‘click-to-open’ rates. What worked, what didn’t work or what could be changed?
  • Always provide the company details with the help of logos on your banner to show authenticity.1212344untitled.
  • Use header in your emails and let people know your differentiating factors.


  • Follow the legal norms by providing the ‘unsubscribe’ option, so the users can unsubscribe whenever they like to.


  • Use mobile-friendly email templates.
  • Add the social site links of the website in your mailers. So as to increase the subscriptions and followers through social media.


Note: Try and make emails that add value to a part of the recipients by knowing their requirements and buying habits.


These strategies and improvisations in my emailers proved to be beneficial for my company and addressed great sales figures for the eCommerce client by effectively boosting his business and helping him gain great ROI.

Hi, my name is Siddhant Saxena. I work as an Email Marketing Expert at Marketing Mindz. Thanks for reading my Case Study for Email Marketing and I hope you would take away some tips with you to employ in your next email marketing campaign.