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21 November 2014

Building a Dynamic Website and Web Application

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Online presence is mandatory for all types of businesses these days. It is essential for growth of the business, but a website alone doesn’t ensure success. Static HTML websites are history. To increase the visibility of your website on search engines, it is needed to regularly update the websites. Also, nowadays buying and selling products and services online is becoming increasingly popular. More and more businesses are therefore investing in web application development like an e-commerce store.

PHP development for website enables users to have a dynamic website that can be easily updated by themselves. Businesses can therefore sell their products and services through internet and extend customer support through interactive websites. PHP is basically an HTML-embedded scripting language that allows developers to write dynamic webpages. Developers are increasingly using PHP for developing websites and web applications. One can easily create pages like login and survey forms, forums, e-commerce product pages. Some of the benefits of PHP are listed below:

  • It is platform independent. Therefore, a website built on PHP can run on any operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX.
  • It supports all main databases like Oracle, MYSQL, DB2, etc.
  • A PHP website takes much lesser time to load as it uses its own memory space. Running web applications like e-commerce, CRM, forums, etc. is therefore easy and faster, if they are built on PHP.
  • It provides multiple layers of security and avoids threats and attacks to the websites.

Updating a website’s content is very easy with WordPress development.WordPress which was earlier considered to be a blogging software has now evolved as content management software for non-blogging websites. Some of the benefits of WordPress are listed below:

  • It gives users a friendly Graphical User Interface(GUI). Users can themselves do the tasks like adding webpages, blogs, images, etc.
  • Users can login and manage their websites from anywhere, as it is a browser based system.
  • With WordPress you can give a unique experience to your visitors as you can create 100 % customizable websites.
  • There are unlimited free and paid plugins available that can be used to increase the functionality of a website.
  • Your website can have multiple users with different access rights.
  • You can have unlimited numbers of pages on a WordPress website without compromising on its performance.

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