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05 June 2017

How Brands Win in Moments that Matter – A Live Webinar You Should Not Miss

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Branding is the core method of helping your product reach to the target audience. Over the years, branding to connect with customers has dramatically evolved and companies have shifted to this latest trend. An effective branding can instantly connect with customers and stays in the competitive market for a long period of time.

To learn about this, join the live webinar named “How Brands Win in Moments that Matter” spearheaded by Vivek Gupta, CEO of Marketing Mindz on June 14, 2017 between 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM at AKDT.

By registering for this free webinar, you would indulge into valuable talks with Vivek Gupta on topics related to brands winning matter for the business. Topics covered in the webinar are:

  • The New Battleground for Brands:

The Moment: For a business every moment counts and need to be updated about the branding war in the market. A business has to be one-step ahead to achieve its branding goal and manage to reach its customer. This section would comprise of methods on how business could achieve success in every moment.

  • The Rise of Mobile:

According to the statistics, 1.65 billion mobile social accounts are active and globally 1 million new active users added daily. This shows how mobile branding could be an effective deal for a business. For mobile marketers, the increasing number is an opportunity to communicate with customers. The topic would lead to how mobile branding is a new age opportunity.

  • Google makes Connections across the World:

This search engine giant has been the key source of branding since decades. Companies, be it small or large, are relying on Google for branding purpose. The webinar will throw a light on Google’s marketing products can help in achieving customer targets.

  • Keys to Mobile Success:

Get an insight on how mobile can be a successful branding tool and how a company can earn success through it. Learn about the tactics and changing scenarios of mobile branding.

  • Be Useful, Be Quick:

In this competitive branding age, one has to be very quick in implementing branding ideas and communicating with customers. The session would give an outlook of being quick in the market.

  • Case Studies:

Vivek Gupta in this webinar would provide some insight about the brand marketing through different case studies done by Marketing Mindz. The case study would give a clear picture on how companies are using mobile branding as an effective to sell the product and service.

  • FAQ Round:

The webinar would end with FAQ Round where Vivek Gupta would answer questions raised by young and experienced guests. This would be an ideal session to clear all your doubts or questions remained unanswered.