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30 July 2015

Boost Your Business Online by Building Quality Links

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Link building is an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It simplifies the path for search engine algorithm to index the web pages. As a result of this, search engine can conveniently resolve queries of the online searchers. If web content has good quality backlinks, chances are high that it gets spotted by the search engine. Good quality backlinks also help in bringing more visitors to the website. If you want to effectively market your business online, focus should be given on building quality links, not on the quantity of the links. Also, the backlinks should be relevant to the subject.
There are certain steps that a business can use for effective link building.

1. Identification of competitors and their backlinks: In order to stay ahead in the highly competitive digital world, it is necessary for a business to effectively analyze the ranking of its competitors in search engine results. By using Link Assistant tool, one can rightly figure out the backlinks of its competitors. The tool will provide the backlinks of top 30 websites along with multiple attributes.

2. Identify if the website is penalized: For effective link building, it is necessary to first identify if the link is penalized by Google or not because a penalized link will also make your website penalized. To find out penalized links, there is a tool called Barracuda Panguin Tool, which allows users to put in the link and search out for the changes in the web traffic, as per Google algorithm updates. If the web traffic of a certain web page is decreasing; this means, the link is penalized.

3. Gain link building opportunities: Grabbing link building opportunities should be your priority. Try to avoid sending generic email templates to the backlinks’ website. Instead, find out the answers to the following questions to reduce the chances of website rejection.

  • Are your competitors getting links through website content?
  • Are your competitors offering unique and informative content for business growth?
  • Is there a profile of your competitor on the website community?

4. Analyze competitor’s link: To create quality backlinks for your business, it is required to effectively examine and analyze your competitors’ links. By doing this, you will get an idea on the most effective usage of the backlink’s website.

5. Content creation for different pages: Create influential, informative, unique and right content for different web pages. Your content should be better than your competitors in terms of quality as well as uniqueness.