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04 August 2014

How to Avoid Spamming in Email- Marketing

Posted by: Marketing Mindz

Email Marketing is apparently the easiest and the most in-expensive method to reach out the customers. But, when you are going for email marketing, it is essential to check the effective result of your efforts. If marketing emails are not drafted cautiously it can result in their spamming.  If you don’t want spam filters to block your marketing emails, you should take care of the following few things:

Subject Line

You should pay attention to the subject line of your email. You might use certain phrases in the subject line to attract your potential customers but, can end up reaching to the spam filters.  You should be very careful in writing your subject line and phrases like “free gifts”, “free cash”, “free membership”, “cash back” etc. should be strictly avoided.  Apart from this full capital letters, toll free numbers, quotation marks, exclamation marks are definite no for the subject line. Also the font size of subject line should not be greater than +2.


Spam filters analyze the content of the email before deciding to block the email. There are certain keywords that trigger heavy spamming. Usage of such keywords may filter out your emails even if you have sent them to authentic opt-in lists.  It is important to be clever in using words. You should avoid using such keywords in your email content.  For example, keywords like “free” in the email would reach the spam filter rather than reaching the target customer and your valuable customer would never be able to watch your face.


When you are formatting your email, keep it as simple as possible.  You should avoid unnecessary usage of different colors, fonts, sizes and images as it would result in higher rate of spam filtration. You should keep your email very professional to avoid it getting flagged as spam.


When you are sending or newsletter to you customers, try to be regular and consistent in sending it. If you are sending a newsletter once in a month, send it around the same time and day every month.

Twice opt-in

It is fair to use double opt-in mailing list. This means that when users choose to subscribe to an email newsletter, they are asked to confirm their subscription by clicking a link that is sent to their email. \this is important, because if a user has mistakenly subscribed to your newsletter and he would consider it to be a spam when he receives it.


It is mandatory to have a way to unsubscribe an email newsletter at any point of time.  Not having it is a clear sign of spamming. Also, it is a good habit to display your contact details in your email.

Test Email

It is essential to test your email once by sending it to multiple accounts with the active spam filters and check if the newsletter is reaching to the accounts or it is reaching the junk. If it is still spamming, then you should probably improve your email. Apart from this basic test, there are other techniques which should be used to test the email.

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