AdWords What it is ?
Certified Adwords Partner Google has a remarkable online advertising service called AdWords. Traditional medium of advertising are not as cost effective as AdWords. This can open up your business to completely new customer base. Advertising through AdWords can be targeted very precisely. Your ad is found by people at the very moment when they are searching on Google for products or services you offer. You can target your ad to specific locations and for specific languages. Your ad gets placed at the top, bottom or besides the Google search result. So, there are higher chances of people taking some action on your offered product or services. In fact, you get positioned at a click away from your potential customers.

Cost How would it cost you?
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Benefits What are the benefits of AdWords?
Editing an AdWord is very quick and you can also edit your account at any time and as often as you want to. You can easily extract a report on the status and progress of your ad campaign. You can evaluate the results to identify your target customers.

The best thing about AdWords is that you have to pay only when your site gets visited. You can start with a very small daily budget. There are different payment models that are available like Pay-per-Click (PPC), Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM), and site targeted advertising.

Google has also introduced AdWords Express for small businesses that do not have their websites. This also aims at reducing the difficulty of managing the task of managing ad campaigns by automatically managing keywords and placements.

Marketing Mindz can help you in managing your AdWords accounts as per your budget and requirement. We will give you strategic guidance for ad placements and choice of keywords.

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